Why We Choose Apprentices

OPRA's Apprentice Journey

As apprentice employers ourselves, we recognise and champion the benefits for both individuals and businesses.  We offer apprenticeships to all of our employees, irrespective of their level of experience or area of interest, this has also allowed our staff to grow personally and professionally, and maintained an engaged workforce.  Using apprenticeship programmes as a further development tool has meant we have been able to adapt and grow the business, offering additional services to our clients’ ever-changing needs.


Our Director, Chair of the Essex Apprentice Ambassador Network (AAN)

Adele Carnera is an Essex based business woman who has worked in large, multinational corporations before launching her own HR and recruitment business.

Her passion for apprentices began over 10 years ago and since then she has been involved in steering groups on developing apprentice standards as well as taking part in national policy advice on the subject.

Currently, her role is that of chair of the Essex Apprentice Ambassador Network. This is a growing body of 30 Essex-based apprentice employers who meet monthly to discuss how to implement national policy on a local level, the implications for their business, advice sharing and generally offering mutually beneficial support.

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