Pre-Employment Screening

OPRA screening and vetting services ensure that your potential employees represent themselves honestly and that their credentials are genuine and accurate. Research shows that almost 50% of UK job applicants falsify or misrepresent themselves. We specialise in providing organisations with pre-employment screening and vetting services that are tailored to your requirements. Our services ensure that the appropriate vetting and background checks are conducted on your staff. OPRA’s robust candidate screening can assist you in protecting your brand name, your employees and your customers, therefore minimising any risk to your company as a whole.

OPRA offers these services across all business sectors, from small and medium companies to large national and international organisations. Our screening solutions are individually delivered to meet client and/or industry requirements.

Unlike many other screening companies, OPRA will at all times utilise the candidates' CV as the basis for screening. Many screening companies require the candidate to complete an on-line application detailing their career history which can lead to deliberate omissions or additions to what was originally presented to the prospective employer on the candidates' CV. OPRA uses the information on the candidates' original CV to ensure the information presented to the employer is true and accurate.

Why Outsource Pre-Employment Screening?

Screening and vetting services are necessary, if often onerous tasks, which require commitment and time to fully complete. Due to time constraints and lack of resource within their business, many employers have inadequate processes in place within their business and so risk hiring people who do not necessarily have the skills, qualifications or experience that their CV may suggest. Occasionally, they might even employ someone who has a history of fraudulent or criminal activity.

Working with a dedicated 3rd party screening service ensures that best practise, along with robust and consistent screening processes, are carried out for every hire. OPRA has extensive experience in vetting and screening, whether for large financial service organisations or small individual businesses that need to get it right every time.

OPRA can deliver a quality bespoke screening service, tailored to an individual clients' needs, at a price that is not only competitive but allows overworked staff to concentrate on their core roles within the business. The client can have the peace of mind to know that a full screening and vetting history will be delivered for every candidate in a timely and efficient manner.

What do we cover?

  • Pre-employment screening & referencing services to standard BPSS (Baseline Personnel Security Standard) and BS7858:2012
  • 3, 5, 7 and 10 year screening history, including gap verification (overseas and UK)
  • Employment reference verification
  • Proof of identity, including address
  • Eligibility to work in the UK
  • Requirement under Immigration Bill
  • Credit reporting – consumer and commercial
  • OFAC, PEP, sanctions list, anti-terrorism checks
  • DVLA checks
  • DBS basic, standard and enhanced level
  • Professional and education qualification verification

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