Resource Management

The common view is that RPO’s or large managed service contracts are normally reserved for large corporates, however, there is a growing demand for this type of support throughout the SME sector and across many industries.

There is apprehension for both recruiters and clients in these types of arrangement, which has led to limited numbers of recruitment companies attempting to help clients in this way and therefore limited options for clients to explore these solutions. 

For SME’s and large corporates alike, this model can be tailored into modular or project managed services as well as the traditional outsourced service model. Businesses can now reap the benefits without having to invest vast amounts of money into the setup of these arrangements.

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Types of OPRA partnerships

  • Project Managed Service: HR/RPO services for specific projects of varying lengths from months to years
  • Modular RPO gives businesses the opportunity to buy units of service as and when required
  • HR BPO or RPO: a full, company-wide, investment with your company
  • Departmental Managed Service or a restricted HR BPO/RPO supporting a specific business area/function

Benefits of adopting some or all of our services

  • Our consultants have extensive experience in HR, in-house and agency recruitment so we understand the recruitment industry and marketplace
  • We partner with your teams to develop insight into your business and it’s people needs
  • Our search & selection process in partnership with your company, allows us to approach passive candidates as your representative and attract active candidates as more than just a recruiter
  • Overcoming business issues within traditional recruitment methods has been the main motivation for refining our services, we have been HR managers, Talent Acquisition partners, in-house recruiters and agency recruiters for over 20 years so have probably experienced most of them
  • Up to 40% of management time in organisations is being wasted by interviewing and not hiring so we aim to reduce the need for multiple providers and shortlist aiming for a 3:1 interview to offer ratio for ALL roles
  • We have strong awareness of and hold all qualifications to understand the legalities within which HR needs to operate
  • By working with you on strategic workforce and succession planning we can help you reduce the need for reactive recruitment and work towards a proactive talent development and acquisition model that also supports cost efficiency and people budgeting
  • We have multiple solutions to meet a skills or knowledge need, for example, internal training and development or an internal recruitment solution instead of external hiring
  • By using our modular services you can take advantage of all of our experience and knowledge without the exclusivity of a formal RPO contract

"One of the reasons we excel at evaluating
candidates is that our recruiters are typically experienced in the sectors themselves."

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